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KS0 KAS miner 12V DC Asic Mining Apparatus 100GH/S(±10%) Operating Temperature 0-35°C

KS0 KAS miner 12V DC Asic Mining Apparatus 100GH/S(±10%) Operating Temperature 0-35°C

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Детали продукта
100GH/S (±10%)
Рабочая температура:
Локальные сети
Машина горнорабочего Asic
Сила Стены:
100W/h (±10%)
Входной сигнал напряжения тока:
DC 12V
Характер продукции

Product Description:

Brand New IceRiver KAS miner KS0 with high profits,  It has a wall power of 100W/h(±10%), an operating temperature of 0-35°C, a voltage input of 12V DC, a hashrate of 100GH/S(±10%) and an interface of Ethernet. It’s optimized for the Asic mining implementation, and is capable of providing a stable, secure and reliable mining operation. It has a highly integrated design and is simple to operate, and is ideal for large-scale mining operations. With its advanced design and optimized performance, it’s capable of delivering a consistent performance and providing a reliable and secure mining experience. 



  • Asic Mining Apparatus: Asic Miner Machine; KAS miner ; KS0 pre-order, Mid of Jul batch.
  • Asic Mining Equipment: Operating Temperature: 0-35°C, Hashrate: 100GH/S(±10%), Voltage Input: 12V DC, Interface: Ethernet
  • Asic Mining Technic: Supplying high-performance computing power for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other crypto currency mining
  • Asic Mining Device: Asic Miner Machine, High-efficiency and low-power consumption

Technical Parameters:

Name Parameter
Interface Ethernet
Hashrate 100GH/S(±10%)
Operating Temperature 0-35°C
Voltage Input 12V DC
Wall Power 100W/h(±10%)
Name Asic Miner Machine


The Asic Miner Machine is an Asic Mining System developed by IceRiver. It is a Asic Mining Device with Model Number KS0 and Place of Origin China. The Minimum Order Quantity of this product is 1 and the Delivery Time is mid of July. The Payment Terms is usdt. It requires Voltage Input of 12V DC and Operating Temperature of 0-35°C. The Interface is Ethernet and the Wall Power consumption is 100W/h(±10%). The Asic Miner Machine is a reliable and efficient Asic Mining System for mining cryptocurrency. It has a reliable performance with Brand Name IceRiver and superior power efficiency with Wall Power of 100W/h(±10%).


Support and Services:

Asic Miner Machine offers a comprehensive technical support and service for our products. Our professional customer service team is available 24/7 to provide assistance with any technical inquiries or product issues. We also provide a comprehensive online support center where users can easily find answers to frequently asked questions, as well as access to our product manual, troubleshooting guides, and a wide array of other resources. Our knowledgeable technical support team is also available to answer any more complex technical questions or to help resolve any issues you may encounter.


Packing and Shipping:

Asic Miner Machine Packaging and Shipping

The Asic Miner Machine will be securely packaged and shipped in a box with an outer shell made of durable plastic. The box will be padded on the inside with bubble wrap for added protection and stability. The Asic Miner Machine will be securely fastened inside the box with foam inserts. The box will be sealed with tape to protect it from tampering and further damage.

Once the box is secured, it will be shipped via a secure delivery service. The Asic Miner Machine will be insured for loss or damage during transit. Upon delivery, customers will need to sign for the package to ensure the safe and secure delivery of the Asic Miner Machine.

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